Rheinhart Du Toit wins the Cape Classic 2012

Timothy Singh
4th April 2012
The dust has settled after a weekend that saw probably the greatest wave conditions and riding performance for a Cape Classic and arguably any SABA event.

Western Province Bodyboarding Association kicked off the development clinic, teaching basic fundamentals and skills of Bodyboarding in Big bay. We invited everyone and anyone keen on getting involved, and found our presence was graced with organizations like wowess (Women of waves) and TLC. Everyone had a great time and I'm sure we are going to be seeing a lot more faces in the line up very soon.

The next morning, and the first day of the contest was kicked off on a wonderful sunny day in Cape Town and very contestable, 4ft right hand wedges exploding in front of the onlookers and judges. Just off the back of Mark McCarthy's second place at the Box pro,the riders braved the freezing waters and took advantage of the flawless conditions to prove the level of riding in South Africa is on par or greater than that of the rest of the world. Huge inverts, backflips and air roll spins from the boys division all the way through womens, to grand masters saw impressed judges, entertained spectators and high rewarded scores.

The following day saw a change in the swell height and the WPBA making use of the peninsular and the fact that Cape Classic is one of the only mobile bodyboarding events in the world. The decision was made to transfer the contest to caves in the heart of Koel bay.

A predominantly heavy 3-4ft right wedge was the platform for the final day of the contest. Once again the ocean came to the party providing offshore winds before turning cross-shore for the finals. Riders relied on experience and wave knowledge to stamp their places in the final and gain those ever so valuable, SABA points.

I was personally very impressed to see the level of riding in the boys division and thought it is a great indication of the future and standard of riding still to come in South Africa.

Apart from the riders giving it all they got, the judges saw a judging error of 97%, meaning only a 3% deviation between judge's scores across every heat and every division of the contest! This is an incredible score and is worth recognition. The best judge of the contest going to Riaan du Preez.

Given the quality of waves, the competition and the intimidating company kept at the Cape Classic, Dave Comacho came away with full 10's across the judging panel to secure himself best rider of the contest with his deep barrel to floating barrel roll.

The final heats went as follows:

1. Rheinhart Du Toit
2. Aden Kleve
3. Adam Morley
4. Wesley Potts
5. Steven Du Preez & Bas Koopmans
7. Rory Fellow Smith & Ian Kruger

1. Bas Koopmans
2. Jason Fowler
3. Niklas Martin
4. Stephen du Preez

1. Aden Kleve
2. Dylan van Tonder
3. Wesley Potts
4. Peet Verreyne

1. Dave Camacho
2. Emile Maree
3. Chris van der Westhuyzen
4. Michael Meyer

1. Pamela Bowren
2. Jannecke de Kock
3. Rossie Lombard

1. Dylan Le Roux
2. Tristan Roberts
3. Jarred Thomas
4. Aeden O'Brien

Grand masters
1. Marcel Habets
2. Len Bradford

1. Sean Oberholzer
2. Morne Laubser
3. Melvin Victor
4. Lee Moran

A big thank you must go out to the sponsors of our event and prizes, without you none of this would be possible and we truly appreciate what you've done and the fact you keep backing us from year to year. Another, congratulation to the Western Province Bodyboarding Association committee for all there hard work and tedious hours they put in, to making sure the event ran as successfully as it did. Congratulations to the judges and of course, the riders! We thank everyone for following and enjoying the Cape Classic 2012 with us and look forward to seeing you up the West Coast this weekend for the next event on the SABA.
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