The 6th Annual Kumba West Coast Classic 2015

Simon Heale
17th March 2015

The Kumba West Coast Classic 2015

As the contest season for 2015 sets off at a blistering pace, The Kumba West Coast Classic will be leading the charge and setting the standard, running from the 3rd - 6th April, with the briefing on the 2nd at 19:00 at the Eureka Hall.

This will be the 6th consecutive year that Kumba Iron Ore is sponsoring the event. Boland Bodyboarding expresses great appreciation on behalf of the West Coast community and all the riders that participate and gain from this event. Together with this event another Kumba Development project has been given the go ahead. Lambertsbay, Elandsbay and Saldanha will have several follow up clinics as well as 20 new riders in Saldanha will get new bodyboards, wetsuits and fins. All these kids will get together at the 2015 WCC for clinics and interaction with the rest of the event riders which is always a great highlight.

The other sponsors onboard this year will be long time supporters Coca Cola, Reef South Africa and Cederberg Municipality as well as Yamaha and Futurelife. A Massive thanks goes out to these companies supporting the sport of bodyboarding. Support them whenever you can.

The contest will be run along the stretch of coast before Lamberts Bay, an area known for its perfect beach breaks and heavy reefs, attracting the country's top riders and past event winners such as Mark McCarthy, Tristan Roberts and Matthew Lombard to name a few. Over the previous years the waves and quality of riding have not disappointed and this year will be no different. Every rider on tour wants to notch the Kumba West Coast Classic into their winning belt.

A tow out event will also be running where riders get towed in with a Jetski. Jeremy Johnson, well know big wave surfer will operate the Jetski. This will be the second year the event is running together with the main event and is seen as a very big crowd pleaser.

If you haven't already booked accommodation then just give either of these 2 places a call and they will make sure you stay refreshed and ready to come home a champion.

Carol Burger - Arendzicht Akkomodasie Lambertsbaai - She will give discount if you mention Boland Body Boarding

Cell: 083 458 1575 email:


Eureka - Speak to Paul,It is being upgraded as new owners have taken over and they only have a few units still to rent for Easter weekend

027-432 2627 email:

The 6th year of the Kumba West Coast Classic is set to be an incredible weekend of entertainment and competition. Don't forget to enter now via the Boland Bodyboarding website :

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